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  Custom exotic pasties at Wholesale prices on pasties available.  
 Custom exotic Pasties

We offer a wide selection of Custom Exotic Pasties. Wholesale orders are welcome. If you have any questions or would like to share your ideas, please drop us a quick note and we'll reply back promptly.  

All of our pasties are self adhering. Depending upon how they are used and how long they are worn they may need to have the glue refreshed. This is why we offer pastie glue to allow you to get the most use out of your pasties.

All Pasties are priced and sold by the pair even though only one may be shown in the picture

Pasties of the Month!
Under $7.00 Pasties
Pastie Glue



If you are looking for less expensive Pasties that are disposable, then here they are! These are all self adhering and do not require pastie glue unless you want to try to reuse them.

pastie glue


Black Heart w/blue Center Pasties
Super Nips
Black Star w/Blue Center Pasties

Pink Heart w/black Center Pasties
Pink Heart w/red Center Pasties
Pink Heart w/white Center Pasties

Black Star Pasties
Black Star w/White Center Pasties
White Star w/Black Center Pasties
Blue Star w/Black Center Pasties
Blue Star Pasties
White Heart w/Blue Center Pasties
White Heart Pasties
Blue Heart Pasties
Red Heart Pasties
Black Heart Pasties
White Heart w/Black Center Pasties
Blue Heart w/Black Center Pasties
Blue Heart w/White Center Pasties
Blue Heart w/Red Center Pasties
Black Heart w/White Center Pasties
Red Heart w/Blue Center Pasties
Red Heart w/Black Center Pasties
Red Heart w/White Center Pasties
White Star Pasties

Black Heart w/Red Center Pasties

Red Star Pasties



Pink Heart Pasties


We frequently update our Pasties section so check back soon for the latest.

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